Visit the beautiful monasteries of the area that stand out
for their architecture and history.


Distance: 49 km from Tolo
Over the plains of the region of "Iria", on the north part of the mountain "Aygo" or "the Egg", lies the monastery of St. Demetrios, related to the river "Rados", which you will have to cross if you want to reach the Monastery starting from Iria. The main site of the monastery, deep inside the rocky cavity, is divided into the ground floor and two floors above it, connected with a narrow stone step ladder. On the second floor lies the body of the church, nave and aisles, consisting of a two-nature sanctuary, one dedicated to St. Demetrios the Holy Myrrh Scented and the other one to St. Theodoroi. Over the body of the church, nave and aisles, on the monastery's roof is a stone-made step-ladder leading to the dome and the roof of the second temple. At this point you can enjoy the stunning views of the plain of Iria.


Distance: 10 km from Tolo
The Katholicon of the Monastery dates from around the middle of the 12th century and since 1875 has been dedicated to Zoodochos Pighi, literally, 'the source of life”. It is one the most important churches of the middle Byzantine period and is in excellent condition. The church is mainly of architectural interest, as the original paintings and decorations have not survived.


Distance: 17 km from Tolo
Close to Agios Adrianos village there is the Karakala monastery. The name Karakalas seems to come from the translation of the word "Xsirokasteli", which is equal to "Kouroukoule" term in Turkish. The corruption of the Turkish word by the locals led to the word "Karakala". The role of the Monastery during the siege of Nafplio was very important, as well as in the years of the Greek revolution, as it was an arsenal of the fighters. At the beginning of the 19th century, a large part of it was destroyed by fire, while part of the saved materials is said to have been used for the erection of the Ottoman mosque in Nafplio, today's "Vouleytiko". Nowadays, the nuns take care of the monastery in order to preserve its historical character. During your visit, you will find beautiful handcrafts and embroideries made by the nuns.