Distance from Tolo: 31 km

A visit to Homer’s “gold-rich Mycenae” will give you the chance to meet with of the most important palatial centers in Greece and get in touch with one of the most important cultures of Greek prehistory. Among the most important sights of Mycenae are the Burial circle A’ (the cemetery of the Mycenaean period) and the Burial Circle B’ (a total of 24 graves). What will surely fascinate you when you visit Mycenae is the Lions Gate, a huge stone entrance, at the top of which are carved lions as a sign of power by the rulers. At the same time, the remaining ruins of the area include the famous tombs of Atreas and Clytemnestras, as well as the Underground Tank, which was created to provide water to the inhabitants when they were in a state of siege by their enemies. We also recommend that you visit the Mycenaean Museum, where you can find findings from the palace, the religious center, very rich pottery and copies of the grave goods of the Grave Circle A’.