Εscape to the nearby villages of Tolo and discover the beauties of Argolida. Seaside, mountainous, traditional,
whatever kind of village you are looking for, you will surely find it in one of our suggestions.


Distance from Tolo: 3 km
Assini, has about 1,280 inhabitants. Assini's houses are traditionally built among rich orange groves, olive groves and large grounds with tangerines, vegetables and cereals. The village is built at the foot of a high mountain and at the top there is the small church of Prophet Elias, which captivates visitors when it’s lighted at night. If you get there, it is worth visiting the Monastery of Metamorphosis Sotiras with the interior of the church being hagiographed during the Late Byzantine period.


Distance from Tolo: 4 km
Drepano is a beautiful traditional village that combines the green areas of tangerines with the beautiful beach of Plaka. This traditional village is built on the back of the small hill of Milos (Agios Nikolaos) overlooking the sea. The narrow and uphill alleys of Drepano look like island ones. The characteristic of this village is that most houses are built on rocky ground and very close to one another. If you want to take nice photos, visit the traditional stone windmill located near the center of the village.


Distance from Tolo: 7 km
Vivari is a small, picturesque traditional fishing village with unique charm that its crystal clear water beach captivates visitors. The bay of Vivari is a large natural harbor, protected from the winds and famous for overnight boat mooring. It is worth sitting in the traditional taverns, with panoramic view of the quiet creek of the village and taste unique fish.


Distance from Tolo: 12 km
Kantia is a beautiful seaside village, inhabited by Cretan refugees. During your sightseeing, you will see the impressive tower house, which is an attraction of the village. It is a rustic stone residence, known as the Tower of Aga, as it was the home of the region's aga. Very close to the tower house on the hill of Agia Eleousa are the ruins of the Mycenaean Acropolis of Kantia.


Distance from Tolo: 20 km
Iria is a small picturesque village divided into "Pano Chorio" and "Paralia". The original settlement of Iria was created by Cretans refugees during the Kapodistrias era. The most famous part is its small harbor, which is particularly picturesque with many fishing boats. It’s known for the large artichoke production which is important for the population's economy. Every year, the "artichoke feast" is organized with traditional dances, orchestra, and artichoke-based food. One of the most important monuments of Iria and the Argolic land is the Holy Monastery of St. Dimitriou Aygou. Above the valley of Irion and in the northern part of Mount Aygo there is the Holy Monastery of St. Dimitriou Aygou. Its location is related to the Rados river which you have to cross, if you want to get to the monastery, starting from Iria.